Student wellbeing consists of many things. You should not be alone with your worries, and therefore it is good to have people and places to contact in problematic situations.

You can read more on study ability on the Kyky Project’s website.

Nyyti ry has tips for how to keep your everyday life in control. On their website you can also find ways how to take care of your mental health.


Sports is good for your mental and physical health and helps you to keep up with your studies and the busy student life.

Student sports in Kuopio: Sykettä Savilahdella website and Facebook page
Student sports in Joensuu: Sykettä Susirajalla website and Facebook page

You will find more information on the sports services of both campuses under the section Sports and recreation (see link below).

Educational Psychologist

UEF’s Educational Psychologists offer psychologist services for students in problems with studying or in other difficult situations.

Educational Psychologist Katri Ruth operates at Kuopio campus and Educational Psychologist Mari Tirronen at Joensuu campus.

University pastors

Both campuses have their own University Pastor whom you can talk to regardless of your own religion.

Joensuu. tiina.belov(at)evl.fi
Kuopio: raimo.hakkarainen(at)evl.fi

Problems with you studies?

UEF’s Career and Counselling Services offer students guidance and advice as well as various training modules aimed at supporting study and career planning and high quality placement in working life after graduation.

More information:

Nyyti ry
Kyky Project: Study ability
UEF: Educational Psychologist
UEF: Career and Counselling services