Sports and recreation

The University of Eastern Finland offers its staff and students the opportunity to utilise sports services with the intent of increasing general well-being.

The Student Union aims to provide its members with fun experiences and the pure joy of exercise. It is not our intent to turn our members into serious athletes, but to encourage them to spontaneously partake in sports activities. The Student Union aims to achieve this by organising events such as the bi-annual sports afternoon, where members are given the opportunity to try out a variety of sports that suit various individual skills and tastes.

The sports services are based on the idea of making sports facilities available to student organisations as well as having open hours for all members to use the facilities and participate in various activities.

Exercise offers a meaningful breakaway from books and computers, and your brain cells will have a chance to recharge while you participate in aerobics or floor ball with you fellow students.

The following people are in charge of sports services in the University:

The Joensuu and Savonlinna Campuses:

Heli Aalto
phone: +358 44 576 8445
email: liikuntasuunnittelija(a)isyy.f

Juho Mutanen
phone: +358 50 346 9620
email: vapaa-aika(at)

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The Kuopio Campus:

Sirpa Risto
phone: +358 44 0628731
email: liikuntasuunnittelija.kuopio(at)

Facebook page of SYKETTÄ Kuopio