Membership benefits

10 good reasons to join the Student Union (ISYY):

1. Student Health Service (YTHS – general, mental and oral health care services)
2. Student discounts (discounts of long distance transportation, discounts at a number of shops, restaurants, etc., student priced meals at the University restaurants)
3. SYKETTÄ – University sports services
4. Opportunity to hire survival packages, skates, skis, frisbees and other sports equipment
5. ESN activities (trips, parties, cultural events etc.)
6. Student Union events (Sports Afternoon, May Day celebration, City Orienteering etc.)
7. Leisure activities (Student Union clubs and sections)
8. Information and advice services in English at the Student Union office
9. Interest advocacy services (solving problems related to educational and social affairs)
10. An efficient way to get involved in Finnish student life