Aarresaari – Academic recruitment services
Career Services Network of Finnish Universities

Aarresaari – Academic recruitment services: UEF
Job advertisements sent for UEF’s students and the ones recently graduated

Frank student card service

Website of the Finnish Student Heathcare Service in English

Hostelling International Finland
Website of the Hostelling International Finland, where can be found information about discounts and other benefits. Note! 10 % discount for SYL members at HI hostels!

UEF students’ digital work space

Website of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, information for example about the financial aid for students

Kyky Project
Information about studu ability

Electronic learning environment base for UEF students

National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL)
SYL’s website, ISYY is a member organisation of SYL

Nyyti ry
Nyyti offers help for students in matters concerning mental wellbeing

Opiskelijan Kuopio
Information for students about Kuopio

Service for job searching, provided by Opiskelijan Kuopio

Self-study Spaces
All self-study rooms at UEF Campuses

Student discounts
List of various student discounts on a same website

Sport service entity for Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in Eastern Finland, for example week programme and sports calendar can be found on the website

UEF, University of Eastern Finland
Website of the University

UEF ambassadors: YouTube, Facebookblog
Everyday life of UEF ambassadors in different channels

Website of the student magazine of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland

University Library
Website of the University Library

University’s WebOodi service for students