Interest advocacy

By our interest advocacy, we want to help matters go into better direction for students, or alternatively, prevent those from going into worse direction.

Student Union has a statutory duty to operate as a supervisor of students’ interests, so the Student Union is basically always operating for the good of students.

Interest advocacy encompasses the whole wide range of matters related to student life. Those matters include the larger principled and structural changes as well as smaller everyday life actions, such as what you put in your shopping bag.

Values of interest advocacy are for example the right for good student life, the right for subsistence income that makes studying possible, freedom of choice, the right for good studying possibilities and studying environment, the right for health service, and the possibility to graduate from any subject with good possibilities to be employed or continue into postgraduate studies.

Interest advocacy includes guidance, instructing, negotiating, discussions, dialogue, representing etc. Sometimes even straight civic engagement. Purpose of interest advocacy is to get student’s voice heard in decision-making of the University and other groups that are close to the student life.

Student Union has Secretary for Interest Advocacy and Specialist in Academic and Social Affairs and in addition to them, Student Union’s interest advocacy is taken care of by many volunteers. Good ways to participate in ISYY’s interest advocacy is for example through ISYY’s Representative Council elections, Section for Advocacy, student organisations, other student associations or “ISYY: Edunvalvonta voi kannattaa” (Interest advocacy pays off) Facebook group.

Principle of interest advocacy is that things are never going that well that there would not be anything to improve!

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