Tips for working life

This page features some tips concerning internship and working life. Here are some websites, where you can look for open positions.

Aarresaari – Academic recruitment services: UEF
Job advertisements on the job-seeking website Aarresaari, sent for UEF’s students and the ones recently graduated

Academic Positions
European career network for academics, researchers and scientists

EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal
Website operating under the European Commission, employment opportunities around Europe
State Treasury’s website, where you can look for open Government jobs

Other employment service websites can be found here on the website of TE services.

University has an online course “Career planning – seeking a job or traineeship in Finland (2 ECTS)”. More information about that on UEF’s Kamu website.

List of the employment service websites is a bit longer on our Finnish website, because some of the websites are not translated in English. University’s Career and Counselling services has also some courses only in Finnish, which are listed on our Finnish website. However, if you want to have a look at the longer list of the employment service websites and some information in Finnish about internships, cooperation between student organisations and companies, and tips about how to organise a working life event, you can find those here.