Student representatives

The student representatives in University administration, i.e. hallopeds, are students who participate in decision-making in the different University organs and institutions.

Hallopeds are full members of the organs and their job is to represent students, supervise students’ interests and speak on students’ behalf when decisions concerning the University are made.

Hallopeds are also in important role in the communication between students and departments, Faculties and the University management.

Halloped seats

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) has representatives in the following University organs and institutions:

UEF Board
University Collegiate Body
Faculty Councils
Appeal Board

These organs and institutions function on the tripartite principle, which means that their representation consists of University Professors, members of the University staff and students. The representation of none of these three groups can be more than 50 % of the whole number of representatives.

Faculties or independent institutes may also have other teams or working groups set by the Dean or the Director which have student representatives.

Term and election

The working term of hallopeds is two years (the term of University organs is altogether four years).

Hallopeds are chosen by the Representative Council of the Student Union in the beginning of the term. During the term, hallopeds for the available seats are chosen by the Executive Board of the Student Union.

In accordance with the Universities Act (558/2009), the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland is a public corporation, which takes care of its statutory duties. In other words, electing hallopeds for the University organs is a task stated in law.

How to apply

When halloped places open up, the application notices will be published on its communication channels. Every attending Bachelor’s, Master’s or postgraduate degree student of the University of Eastern Finland has the right to apply for a halloped position.

UEF Board

Board of the University is the highest decision-making organ in the University. Its duty is to choose the University’s Rector and Academic Rector, decide on University’s goals, strategy and budget, accept the regulations that direct that actions of the University, and to decide on the number of students taken into the University.

The Board is formed of a triangular form. Also, at least 40 % of the Board members must come outside the University, and represent a wide scientific and societal view in the University’s decision-making.

In sections 14–16 of the Universities Act is enacted about the Board of a public University.

University Collegiate Body

The University Collegiate Body controls the work of the University Board. It selects the Board members coming outside the University and verifies the Board members selections made by the University community. It also makes decisions on letting go of the Board or its individual members. In addition, the Collegiate Body approves of the financial statements of the University and decides on whether it wants to bring action for damages against the Board.

In section 22 of the Universities Act is enacted about the University Collegiate Body.

Faculty Councils

There are four Faculties in the University of Eastern Finland: Philosophical Faculty, Faculty of Science and Forestry, Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies.

Faculty Councils are the highest decision-making organs of the Faculties. They make proposals for persons taken as Professors, determine the Professors’ tasks and decide on the Faculty’s budget and curriculum.