Student organisations

Every Student organisation has a named godparent in ISYY’s Executive Board. Godparents to each organisation are listed under the Executive Board members’ contact information and introductions.

Student organisations in Joensuu

Ablaut ry is a student organisation for the students of German language. Ablaut promotes the interests of its members and organizes all kinds of activities by itself but also in cooperation with the other student organisations. We have Oktoberfest party every October and different kinds of sport events every month, for example. You can find us on Instagram (ablautry) and on Facebook (Ablaut ry), where you can find all our events. We welcome all German-speaking exchange students to our events. We would like to get to know you and maybe organize some events together! You can also send us e-mail (, if you got interested. We warmly welcome you to the University of Eastern Finland!

More, , Facebook (Ablaut Ry)

Bunsen ry is a student organization for students majoring or minoring in chemistry. Our organization was founded in 1980 and from that moment we have supervised our member’s benefits. Our active organization brings our members together by creating many great party’s and events.

More information:, Facebook (Bunsen ry) sekä Instagram (bunsen_ry)

Echo ry is the English students’ association in UEF. We organize different kinds of fun events more or less related to the English speaking culture and also help our students with any and all problems concerning studying in UEF. Every English student is welcome to join Echo.

More information:,, Facebook (Echo ry)

Epsilon ry is a a student organisation for students of mathemathics, physics and computing in UEF.

More information:,, Facebook (Epsilon ry)

Fides Ostiensis, founded in 1997, is the western theology students’ association in UEF. Our central task is to protect the interests of the western theology students. We organize different kinds of events by ourselves and also together with other student associations.

More information:, Facebook (Fides Ostiensis)

Godis ry, student association for Swedish students, takes care of its members interests and organizes events for free time. For over 30 years Godis has been a part of Joensuu’s active student life both among its own members and with other student associations.

More information:,, Facebook (Godis ry)

Iskra ry is a student organisation for students of Russian.

More information:,, Facebook (Iskra ry.)

Joensuun Metsäylioppilaat ry, founded in 1982, is a student organisation for students of Forestry in the University of Eastern Finland. Our association consists of the “Forstis” and “Torstis” studying to become Bachelors and Masters in Agriculture and Forestry.

More information:, metsaylioppilaat(at), Facebook (Joensuun Metsäylioppilaat)

Joraus ry is a student organisation for students of subject teacher’s pedagogical studies. We unite students from various majors as any student who has been accepted to study pedagogical studies as their minor can join our organisation.

More information:,, Facebook (Joraus ry)

Judica ry is a student organization for students of legal science.

More information:,, Facebook (Judica ry)

Kassos ry (founded in 1973) is an organization for students studying education and adult education. Kassos has its members best ar heart and therefore we’re trying to arrange different kinds of fun activities in addition to studying. In order to ease one’s studies, Kassos is also a messenger between students and the faculty of education. By joining our activities and signing up for our e-mails, you’ll get information concerning our special interest groups and our upcoming events. As a member you can take part in planning, creating and enjoying our activies and being a part of our close group.

More information:,, Facebook (Kassos ry)

Legio Ostiensis ry is a student organisation for students students majoring in law.

More information:,, Facebook (Legio Ostiensis ry)

Lingtwisti is a students’ association at the University of Eastern Finland for the students of Foreign Languages and Translation Studies as well as Linguistics. Any student from the Foreign Languages and Translation subject group can join Lingtwisti. Lingtwisti cooperates with translators’ trade organizations and sets up many kinds of events, for instance, a get-to-know-each-other night for the freshmen.

More information: lingtwisti(at),, Facebook (Lingwisti ry)

Mikrovillus ry is an active student organization for students majoring in biology. We organize various events such as the fall excursion, black dress Christmas party and 8-appro. Mikrovillus looks after the rights of its members and serves as a communication channel between students, faculty members, ISYY and other student organizations.

More information:,, Facebook (Mikrovillus ry)

Nefa-Joensuu is a student organisation for students of Cultural Studies. Cultural Studies consist of the major subjects: Mediaculture and Communication, Cultural Anthropology, Literature, Musicology, Folklore Studies and Sociology of Art. Nefa organises all kinds of activities for this colourful bunch. Our main events include the Freshmen Party, Christmas Parties, trips, red wine and the food club called Makaronikerho.

More information:, nefajoensuu(at), Facebook (Nefa-Joensuu)

Oidipus ry is the student union of psychology at UEF. We arrange all kinds of fun events for all the psychology students exchange students included. On our website you can find more information about Oidipus ry and a link to our our group on Facebook. You can also email us if you have any questions. We are eager to meet you all.

More information:, oidipusry(at), Facebook (Oidipus),

Opossumi ry is the student organization of Career Counselling schooling in University of Eastern Finland. Wishes and needs of our members are the basis for our operations. Our mission is to represent our members and organize various events and free time activities for them. You’re welcome to join our vivacious student organization.

More information:,, Facebook (Opossumi ry)

Optimi ry is a student organisation for students of Business Studies.

More information:,, Facebook (Optimi ry)

Pistis ry on Itä-Suomen yliopiston ortodoksisen teologian opiskelijoiden ainejärjestö. Pistis on kreikkaa ja tarkoittaa uskoa. Uskommekin jäsentemme edunvalvontaan sekä monipuoliseen, opiskeluintoa tukevaan ja ilonpitoon tähtäävään toimintaan, jota pyrimme aktiivisesti järjestämään myös muiden ainejärjestöjen kanssa.

More information:,, Facebook (Pistis)

Poikkeus ry is a student organisation for students of Special Education.

More information:,, Facebook (Poikkeus ry)

Popsi ry is a student organisation for classroom teacher students of Joensuu. Our organization looks after our members’ interests and arranges free time activities. We also want to develop the education of classroom teacher students.

We arrange different kind of activities for our members actively. Some of these events are open to everyone, like “Herkkuappro”, which was first arranged in the spring 2015. In the campus events you can recognize us from our red overalls.

More information:,, Facebook (Popsi ry)

Praxis ry is the subject association of the students of social policy, sociology and philosophy at the University of Eastern Finland, founded in 1987. Praxis offers a variety of activities and plenty of parties, each greater than the last. By active participation in the subject association activities you have the opportunity to make new friends, receive information on important issues having to do with your studies and influence what the future of the University of Eastern Finland looks like.

More information:,  praxisry(at), Facebook (Praxis ry)

Tombolo ry is the subject association of  the students of  geography, human geography, environmental policy and environmental law at the University of Eastern Finland, that works actively at Joensuu campus. Tombolo was founded in 2015 when two old subject associations, Coriolis ry and Loikka ry combined their forces.  Tombolo takes care of its members advocacy seeking and organizes leisure activities.

More,, Facebook (Tombolo ry)

Täky (“Bait”) is the association for Finnish and Literature students at the University of Eastern Finland. The association looks like its members and could be described as ‘interdisciplinary’ as well as ‘interartistic’. We wear blue overalls – it’s the same blue as on the Finnish flag. Since 1973, Täky has provided recreational activities and supervision of interests for its members who trudge in the dreary wilderness of credits. You’re welcome to join our diverse activities!

More information:,, Facebook (Täky ry)

Varnitsa ry is an association for history students at the University of Eastern Finland Joensuu campus. It was founded in 1970. Varnitsa is one of the most active student associations at our university. Varnitsa takes care of its members’ rights. It also arranges many activities from parties to sportevents. Varnitsa ry is an open minded group, where students of different ages and classes get along very well. Everyone are welcomed to join in!

More information:,, Facebook (Varnitsa ry), Instagram: varnitsa_ry


Student organisations in Kuopio

Dentina ry came back to life in October 2010 as Dentistry studies re-started in Kuopio, and a new generation of students arrived. Dentina attends to its members’ interests, organises all kinds of fun activities and brings Dentistry students together to strengthen collegiality.
More information:, Facebook (Dentina ry)

Fortis is the student association of the pharmaceutical students of the University of Kuopio. The most important activities Fortis engages in are the publishing of pharmaceutical textbooks and the organising of parties throughout the academic year. In addition to this, Fortis provides a number of other social events with financial support. Everyone is welcome to join the crowd at these cheerful gatherings.
More information:,, Facebook (Fortis)

Hyeena ry is the subject association for the students of environmental science and applied physics in University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio campus. For its members Hyeena ry arranges events like parties, excursions, culture- and sport events. Hyeena also works protecting its members rights in the university. Members of Hyeena wear red overalls with a picture of a hyena in the back. You can visit us in Melania, room 268. Welcome to join the pack of hyenas!

More information:,  Facebook (Hyeena ry)

Kulti ry is the association of Biomedicine students who carry red overalls. We advocate the interests of our students, e.g. in matters concerning studies. Around the year we organize educational and entertaining events, such as working life events and parties. We bring our students together with the working life in the field of Biomedicine. Our clubroom is located in the 2nd floor of Snellmania, in the SN208 lab corridor (F-door). Come and join us for coffee!

More information:, Facebook (Kulti ry)

KuoLO is a student organisation for students of Medicine on the Kuopio Campus.

More information:,, Facebook (Kuopion lääketieteen opiskelijat ry)

Preemio ry is a student union for Business students of the University of Eastern Finland on Kuopio campus. Preemio offers its members services and interest advocacy with studies and free time activities. During the semester Preemio arranges various theme parties, but also sport activities, where it’s possible to network with other Preemio members and students.

More information:,, Facebook (Preemio ry)

Retikka is the association of nutrition students in the University of Eastern Finland. Association looks after the interests of its members and offers leisure activities for them as well. In autumn nutrition students traditionally have events like “baptizing” event for the freshmen students as well as pre-Christmas party. In spring you can find nutrition students with their bright green overalls for example biking around Kuopio on their excursion. Nutrition students are famous for their food (and appetite) at their parties – both are almost endless.

More information:,, Facebook (Retikka ry)

Serveri is a student organisation for students of Computing on the Kuopio campus.

More information:, Facebook (Serveri ry)

Socius is a student organisation for students of Social Sciences on the Kuopio campus.

More information:,, Facebook (Socius ry)

Terho is a student organisation for students of Department of Health and Social Management and the Department of Nursing Science and the students of Public Health, Exercise Medicine and Ergonomics on the Kuopio campus.

More information:, Facebook (TERHO ry)


Student organisations in Savonlinna

Kotex ry is a student organisation for students majoring in Home Education and Craft Science.

Pedary ry is a student organization for students of Class Teaching, operating on the Savonlinna campus. Our goal is to supervise our student´s interests and we try to improve our education at the university. In addition we provide the greatest parties and events, of which the most visible are PedaryParty and cultural excursion in the autumn and spring dance and PedaryBaseball in the spring. Please feel free to contact us on anything concerning your studies or events!
More information: Facebook: Pedary

Sulo ry is a student organisation for students of Kindergarten Teaching.
More information: Facebook: Sulo ry