Student clubs

Clubs are nonprofit communities that operate under the Student Union (ISYY). Their goal is to arrange meaningful free time activity for the university students. Club’s activities must be legal and in accordance with good manners and ISYY’s actions. Clubs’ consist of ISYY’s members. Clubs may apply grants from ISYY.

How to establish a club:

1. Club is founded in a constitutive meeting from which is made a charter of foundation. Charter of foundation must be signed by at least five joining members, which are also members of ISYY.

2. Rules must be set for the club. Rules must at least include the name of the club, function, the forms of action, board’s composition and method of selection, arrangement of housekeeping and the procedure for disbanding or dissolving club.

3. The board must be chosen for the club. Club’s board consists of at least three members where one is the chairperson, one is the secretary and one is responsible for the club’s finances. The board members are responsible for the club and its activities. For example the person responsible for the club’s finances can operate as a vice chairperson. At least the chairperson or vice chairperson must be ISYY’s member. Members of the club’s board are responsible on behalf of the club for the duties that are caused by the activity.

4. Club’s registration to ISYY is done with a club’s registration form. The constitutive meeting’s record, club’s rules and the latest strategy must be included as an enclosure of the application form. The rules must be informed if they have changed after the application.

Club’s contact information must be updated every year. If a club doesn’t report contact information within the end of February, the club can’t use Student Union’s budget wealth, Student Union’s facilities nor any other benefits that are meant for clubs. When club fixes the situation, all mentioned sanctions will be removed. Sanctions won’t be given to clubs before expressing the resolution.

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