Grant application

ISYY distributes grants for clubs and organisations.

Applying for general grants and project grants

The Student Union distributes general grants and projects grants annually.

The Executive Board of the Student Union makes an announcement as to when the grants can be applied for, and the Executive Board makes the decision based on the applications.

The organisations entitled to apply for grants will be informed when the applications are available.

General grants

1. General grants can be applied for by student organisations and campus organisations. General grants are meant to be used to support and maintain activities while using other means to raise funds.

2. The Executive Board of the Student Union will decide upon the distribution of the grants.

3. The application should come attached with the organisation’s financial statement from the previous year, approved by the organisation, as well as a budget for the current year, unless they have already been delivered to the Student Union.

Project grants

1. Project grants can be applied for by Student Union organisations of all sizes to support various projects. These organisations include sports teams, clubs, student organisations and campus organisations. Project grants can also be appropriated to a community that has a minimum of 50 per cent of Student Union members.

2. Projects grants are distributed twice a year: in spring and in fall.

3. Project grants are allocated based on a project plan. The project plan needs to be approved by the Executive Board of the Student Union. The criteria for the grants may have different emphasis each year, but typically the Student Union has preferred to support alcohol-free, multidisciplinary projects that promote communality.

4. Project grants can be applied for purposes such as printing quotas, organisational publications, the organising of events and the paying of Student Union facility rent.

5. Once a project has been completed, the group receiving the grant is obligated to deliver a report of the project to the Student Union. If a group neglects to report their project, they will not be able to apply for or receive any other grants.

Additionally, the Executive Board of the Student Union annually decides on the financial support for clubs.

On-going application processes:

The are no on-going application processes at the moment.

More information:

ISYY’s General Secretary, paasihteeri(at), tel. +358 44 576 8417