Campus organisations

Campus organisations in Joensuu

EGEA Joensuu is one of EGEA (European Geography Association for students and young geographers) Europe’s entities. Our goals are to encourage, foster and develop activities between students interested in geography by organising small exchanges and local events. We also offer opportunities to participate in international events on the European level. Our motto is: Experience Geography, Explore Europe!

Contact details: joensuu(a),

Joensuun Keskustaopiskelijat, also known as JoKe, is a lively branch of the Finnish Centre Party Students.

Joensuun Opiskelevat Porvarit (JOPO) Aka Studying burghers of Joensuu. Better student tomorrow constructive, responsible association. JOPO is going wild! Jopo gathers forces Estuary kind of bourgeois-minded and right-wing university (college) students. Jopo is highly placed member of the Coalition party’s Student Union Tuhatkunta association. Like us on facebook and follow us in your Instagram jopo_ry. Welcome to the blue moments and activities!

More information: jopory(at),, Facebook: Joensuun Opiskelevat Porvarit ry

The student theater of Joensuu (Joensuun ylioppilasteatteri) is an amateur theater group open to everyone. We are one of the 14 student theaters of Finland and a significant part of Joensuu’s cultural landscape. We annually produce 3-5 plays and our improvisation group, Improstaatit, performs in restaurant Kerubi once a month. We are also open to international students.

More information: pj.joyt(at),

RytmiHäiriköt – Funk You. Joensuu campus big band RytmiHäiriköt rehearse at Educa (Hall E 200) on Tuesdays from 6 to 9 pm. RytmiHäiriköt is an extended big band, which includes comp and saxophone, trumpet, and trombone sections but also other wind instruments. Repertoire of Häiriköt is based on Rhythm music, mainly rock, soul and funk, but also latin, swing and jazz are well represented. If you own an instrument and a strict attitude towards playing, come directly to our rehearsals or check and ask more from:

More information: Passi T-T 050 6455 200, Facebook: RytmiHäiriköt,

RajaSpeksi is the one and only spex in Joensuu. Spex is a kind of amateur comedy theatre act performed by university students. Most of university cities in Finland and Sweden have long-running traditions of spex. Prominent features of spexes are the musical-like mix of spoken text and songs, the often rhymed dialogue, a good amount of satire and parody and the tradition of having the audience shout “Omstart!” (Swedish “Restart!”) if they consider the current scene especially hilarious. RajaSpeksi needs new actors/actresses, singers, dancers, musicians, producers, marketing persons etc. every year. The production of RajaSpeksi starts in autumn and lasts till the shows in spring.

More information: and

SYY-Joensuu is a local branch of the Finnish Social Science University Students (SYY) for students of Administrative and Social Science, operating in the University of Eastern Finland on the Joensuu campus.

Campus organisations in Kuopio

Flop rySuomen Farmasialiiton opiskelijat FLOp ry is an organisation for the student members of The Finnish Pharmacists’ Association. You can join us if you are studying pharmacy or toxicology. Finnish Pharmacists’ Association is also a member of Akava (confederation of affiliates for highly educated people).
More information:, flophallitus(at) or

SYY-Kuopio is one of eight local chapters of Social Science Students in Finland (Suomen Yhteiskunta-alan Ylioppilaat SYY ry), which is a student organisation of the labour union Social Science Professionals (Yhteiskunta-alan korkeakoulutetut ry).

Our main task is to provide relevant information about benefits of being part of labour union and show social science students in Kuopio Campus that there are multiple different working opportunities here in Kuopio area for social science professionals.

We arrange meetings with interesting local employers as well as organise events such as bowling, pre-Christmas party or simple coffee service for students coming from their exams. Do not hesitate to contact us! You find us from Facebook and via e-mail: syy.kuopio(at)