Executive Board

Juuso Sikiö

Chairperson, Chair of the Joensuu Campus Board
tel. + 358 44 576 8400

I’m the chairperson of the ISYY executive board in 2018 and Joensuu is my home campus.

My most important job is to help implement the ideas of the executive board and the representatives council of ISYY. My daily work includes sending a lot of e-mails, making phone calls, organizing our action and having different kind of meetings.

The executive board and staff of ISYY are existing because of members of ISYY. We are for members of ISYY. Feel free to contact us if you are having problems, or if you have ideas or thoughts how to make ISYY even more better.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Optimi, Pistis, Fides, Varnitsa

Heidi Hämäläinen

1. Vice Chair, Chair of the Kuopio Campus board
tel. +358 44 576 8404

Hello everybody! My name is Heidi, fourth year social psychology student straight from the heart of Savo, Kuopio. In executive board I’ll be working as a 1st Vice Chair and Chair of the Kuopio Campus Board. I coordinate and organize ISYY’s actions in Kuopio campus and help our chairperson and the rest of executive board members in daily basis. I also sit in different working groups.

You can contact me if you have concerns about e.g ISYY’s activities or events in Kuopio Campus. Usually you’ll find me from Lukema so feel free to just come to say hello without any spesific issue!

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Preemio, Serveri, Terho

Heikki Räihä

2. Vice Chair, Chair of the Savonlinna Campus Board
(The transfer of Savonlinna campus)

tel. +358 50 535 3326

This year I´ll be working as the 2nd Vice Chairperson of the Board and I’ll be participating in the activities of the main sector together with our Secretary General and other chairpersons. I´ll also be working with our Office Secretary to ensure continuation of ISYY´s daily activities here in Savonlinna. This year one of my main projects is making sure that the perspective of the students is considered while transferring Savonlinna campus to Joensuu. This is being done in close cooperation with the rest of the Executive Board, not to forget our University. We will also be working closely with our Student Organisations. Together we can make this transfer as easy and successful to our students as possible

You can always contact me and ask anything about Savonlinna campus, the transfer process, ISYY´s activities or basically anything else as well. I can promise questionable conversation company and a lot of bad jokes for sure. Best ways of contacting me are via phone or email or by coming to ISYY´s office in our beautiful city of Savonlinna.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Pedary, Sulo, Kotex

Susanna Haverinen

Communications and Culture
tel. +358 44 576 8427

In 2018 I will operate in the communication sector in the Executive Board of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland. In addition to communications, I am going to work with the student organisations and cultural activities. I want to develop the Student Union’s communications even more reachable and informative. I also want to make cultural activities more visible at all campuses. I will be operating mainly at the Joensuu campus.

If you have any ideas on how to improve something or have any critique, questions or something else to say, please contact me! You can easily contact me via email, but also by phone. You may also try to reach me at ISYY’s office in the Haltia building, where I will be working.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Epsilon, Opossumi, Nefa, Legio

Niklas Leinonen

Recreation and Sports
tel. +358 44 576 8418

I work in Recreation and Sports sector in the ISYY Executive Board 2018. In addition to the regular work in the Executive Board my responsibilities include planning and implementing events of the recreational sector on all campuses. This includes the campus clubs, Sykettä-sports services and other extracurricular activities.

When you feel that you have an idea related to the recreation and/or sports sector or you would like to ask me about something, feel free to reach me via email! It is most likely to meet me at Joensuu campus in the ISYY office at Haltia or Futura and Natura.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Bunsen, Mikrovillus, Metsäylioppilaat, Praxis

Tommi Manninen

Employment and Business Relations
tel. + 358 44 576 8402

Contact me if you have some ideas or wishes on how to improve students’ work life competence. Also contact me if you want to organize some event which is connected to the area of my responsibility on any campus.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Poikkeus, Kassos, Popsi, Joraus

Ronja Mäkinen

Social Politics and Development Cooperation
tel. + 358 44 576 8403

I’m responsible for Social Politics and Development Cooperation in the ISYY Excecutive Board in 2018. I courage you to be in contact with me if you have any questions about issues conserning students wellbeing, equality or community.

Together with ISYY employees and other board members I lobby for the students rights. Mostly I co-operate with FSHS taking care of students health. The best way to reach me is by email but you are welcome to come chat with me at Kuopio campus!

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Socius, Retikka, Fortis

Saara Oravuo

International Affairs
tel. +358 44 576 8421

As an Executive Board Member for International Affairs I, surprisingly, take care of everything that has to do with internationality! That is, making sure that international students are being treated as equals to the local students. Also, I strive to make all UEF campuses more international by encouraging the local students to interact more with the international students, and this way, improve ‘‘internationalisation at home’’ and the international mobility of Finnish students.

In addition to International Affairs I am involved with the Savonlinna Campus transfer as well as student housing. I usually work at the Joensuu campus, so feel free to come over and have a chat with me at the ISYY office or send me an e-mail with whatever issues, suggestions or feedback you have.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Echo, Lingtwisti, Iskra, Godis, Ablaut

Hanna Saarelainen

Communications and the Environmental sector
puh. +358 44 576 8405

Hello everyone! My name is Hanna and I’m responsible for the Communications sector of the Student Union with Susanna. I will also answer to questions related to Environmental Affairs. I’m usually at the Kuopio campus, probably somewhere around the Snellmania building, but also regularly visiting Joensuu area as I’m born and raised nearby. Feel free to share thoughts and ideas with me anytime, anywhere – especially about communication or environment!

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Hyeena, Kulti, Kuolo, Dentina

Sara Salonen

Academic Affairs
tel. +358 44 576 8401

This year I’m working with Academic Affairs in ISYY’s Executive Board. If you have anything to ask concerning education or, for example, studying environments please contact me.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Judica, Täky, Oidipus, Tombolo