12.09.2017 15.00 - 18.00

Savonlinna Kampusrysäys ja Kaupunkisuunnistus 2017

The Savo nlinna Kampusrysäys starts at the university (Kuninkaankartanonkatu 7) on the 12th of September at 3 p.m. The program includes food, music and fun competitions such as a game of mölkky and eating the traditional Savonlinna lörtsy. After the event, it is time for the City Orienteering arranged by tutors!

All students of the Savonlinna campus are warmly welcomed to the campus event. 200 first to arrive will also be served free peasoup and remember to pack a picnic basket of your own!


15.00 Kampusrysäys kicks off (peasoup!)
15.00 Welcome speech
15.15–15.45 The legendary lörtsy eating competition
15.45 Music, games, fun and hanging around
16.00 Mölkky
18.00 The event ends

Facebook: Savonlinnan Kampusrysäys 2017

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