Executive Board

Tahvo Kekkonen


Chairperson, Chair of the Kuopio Campus Board
tel. + 358 44 576 8400

I’m the chairperson of the ISYY Executive Board in 2017 and Kuopio is my home campus. Usually you’ll find me at Lukema doing the daily work for a brighter future for our students.

You can always contact me if you feel like ISYY should protect your rights in some issue or if you’d just want to know more about ISYY. The best way to contact me is via e-mail or just face-to-face if you see me.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Socius ry, Preemio ry, Terho ry


Matti Nivala


1. Vice Chair, Chair of the Joensuu Campus Board
(Sports, health and OKKK project)
tel. +358 44 576 8404

I work as the 1st Vice Chairperson of the Executive Board and the Chairperson of Joensuu Campus Board, so I am mainly in Joensuu campus. My responsibility is also sports, health and OKKK project and therefore I do cooperation with the city of Joensuu, the University, Sykettä services and the FSHS.

The best way to reach me is to send e-mail or come to the Student Union Office  in Haltia building. You can contact me in issues related to my sectors, but also in other issues related to the Student Union.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Bunsen ry, Epsilon ry, Joensuun metsäylioppilaat ry, Opossumi ry


Heikki Räihä


2. Vice Chair, Chair of the Savonlinna Campus Board
puh. +358 50 535 3326

I´m returning to the Board after a year of absence. This year I´ll be working as the 2nd Vice Chairperson of the Board and I’ll be participating in the activities of the main sector together with our Secretary General and other chairpersons. I´ll also be working with our Office Secretary to ensure continuation of ISYY´s daily activities here in Savonlinna. This year one of my main projects is making sure that the perspective of the students is considered while transferring Savonlinna campus to Joensuu. This is being done in close cooperation with the rest of the Executive Board, not to forget our University. We will also be working closely with our Student Organisations. Together we can make this transfer as easy and successful to our students as possible

You can always contact me and ask anything about Savonlinna campus, the transfer process, ISYY´s activities or basically anything else as well. I can promise questionable conversation company and a lot of bad jokes for sure. Best ways of contacting me are via phone or email or by coming to ISYY´s office in our beautiful city of Savonlinna.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Kotex ry, Pedary ry, Sulo ry, Popsi ry, Joraus ry


Olli Auvinen


Academic Affairs
+358 44 576 8401

As the manager of academic affairs in the Executive Board, I will be supervising and promoting the interests of the Student Union members regarding educational affairs. For example, I will be working on developing the flipped classroom model, learning environments and educational guidance of our students. If any of the before mentioned subjects interests you or you have any questions or concerns regarding the academic affairs sector, you can always contact me.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Dentina ry, Fortis ry, KuoLO


Henri Hakkarainen


Communications and the Environmental sector
+ 358 44 576 8405

In the year 2017 I will be working on the communication and environmental sector for the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland. My personal mission is to make communications of the Student Union more open and visible! For example, one of my projects is to make the Executive Board members more known within the Student Union members.

If you have any ideas or anything to ask regarding communications and environmental sector of the Student Union, bring it on!

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Hyeena ry, Kulti ry, Serveri ry, Retikka ry


Lina Munčytė


International Affairs
+358 44 576 8421

As an Executive Board Member for International Affairs I, surprisingly, take care of everything that has to do with internationalism. That is, making sure that international students are being treated as equals to the local students. My main focus is the improvement of student services, information dissemination, integration and promotion of student involvement in the student and community life to all international students. In addition, I strive to make all UEF campuses more international by encouraging the local students to interact more with the international students, this way, hopefully, improving ‘‘internationalisation at home’’ and the international mobility of Finnish students.

I usually work at the Joensuu campus, so feel free to come over and have a chat with me at the ISYY office or drop me an e-mail with whatever issues, suggestions or feedback you have. Trust me, I’ve been in your place – I’ve been on exchange and I’m an international student myself!

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Ablaut ry, Echo, Iskra ry, Lingtwisti ry


Sara Peltola


Employment and Business Relations
+ 358 44 576 8402

Contact me if you have some ideas or wishes on how to improve students’ work life competence. Also contact me if you want to organise some event which is connected to the area of my responsibility on any campus.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Mikrovillus, Nefa-Joensuu, Legio Ostiensis ry, Oidipus ry, Optimi ry


Matias Saastamoinen


+358 44 576 8418

In the year 2017 I will be working on Recreation. My responsibilities include the overall planning and running the recreational sector on all three campuses. This includes all the cultural activities, campus clubs and other extra curricular activities. My mission during year 2017 is to improve ISYY’s cultural activities. If you have any ideas or would like to ask something, feel free to contact me via email or phone!

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Judica ry, Täky, Fides Ostiensis, Pistis ry

Heidi Turunen


Social politics and Development Cooperation
tel. +358 44 576 8403

I’m in charge of Social Politics and Development Cooperation in the Executive Board of ISYY. So briefly I’m the lobbyist for student issues.

You can contact me if you have any questions about equality, housing, health, livelihood or community.  I’ll more than gladly do cooperation with students and Student Organisations.  You can easily contact me via e-mail or face-to-face if you happen to see me somewhere in the University. One opportunity is to look for me at ISYY’s office.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Tombolo ry, Varnitsa, Poikkeus ry, Kassos ry, Praxis ry